6 Business Moves NFL Athletes Should Be Making

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1.Build Relationships With Experienced and Very Successful Business Professionals. You should build relationships with people like Bankers, Money Investors, Successful Entrepreneurs and CEO’s of large and medium size companies. Connect with the people who have everything you need because right now you can. This may not always be the case as you will not always be a well-known NFL athlete.  Build a powerful circle of influence now.

2.Find Your Niche. Find your space. It’s just like having a position on the football team. If you’re a pocket quarterback, that’s your niche. Your niche is that thing that will pay you very well.

3. Build A Team. You must have a qualified team you can trust. Each member of your team must be experienced and good at what they do.

4.Learn To Become A Good Speaker. The better you are at speaking in public, the more influence you will acquire.

5.Understand That…

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Information Is The Golden Ticket


Information is the ticket. I’m sure you’ve seen the classic movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Everyone, young and old, wanted a golden ticket. However, there was one problem. Only five tickets were available. In today’s world, information is the golden ticket and the good news is information is not limited. In fact, it could be argued that we have too much information. From television and social media ads to the internet, apps on our phones and music, information is consistently being poured into every inch of our lives. However, the real value is in understanding how to determine which information is useful and how to apply that information in a way that will create tremendous value for others. 


I recently met with the director and professor of library and information science at a major university. Her passion for information is truly unparalleled. She understands that information gives you many choices. Having the right information at the right time, coupled with the right intent is an unstoppable formula for success. We get paid based upon the value of the information we share and how well we present that information to others. You can possess the winning ticket, but if you’re not aware that you have the ticket you won’t get paid. Having the right information with the wrong presentation is like being at the right airport with the right ticket but waiting at the wrong gate. Basically, you’ll never make it to where you’re trying to go. The same hold true for the wrong information. Having the right presentation with the wrong information is the equivalent of having a good dream then waking up to realize that it was only a dream.  I would like to share with you four ways that will help you become successful when sharing information.

  1. The only important information is information that you can use. If you can’t use it, it’s not important.
  2. Share information only with those who can use it. Your information is valuable and you don’t have time to waste sharing it with people who don’t want it. There’s a group of individuals who want, need, and desire your information. These are the people with whom you must spend your time.
  3. Understand how to present your information because people are buying the combination of the two (presentation and information). Knowing your audience is the key. Give them what they want while providing them with more of what they need.
  4. Make them feel lucky you decided to share your information with them. Present your information in a way that makes them feel as if it was tailor made just for them.

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7 Rules to 7 Figures



Life wants to pay and it doesn’t care who it pays. Life doesn’t care about your background, your short comings, or your disadvantages. Life pays those who have a willingness to do that which is necessary to succeed. Everyone knows that to be successful, you have to be knowledgeable and skillful in your craft. But, there’s much more to it. There are things that you absolutely must do. These are the seven rules that will get you there.

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  1. Demand what you want every single day: There’s a skill to demanding what you want. The best way to demand what you want is with your actions. Doing the things that are consistent with what you want is vital. This will allow people to see you as you see yourself.  Demanding what you want doesn’t mean yelling and being bossy. Your actions will make your demands very clear.
  2. You must believe: Never underestimate the power of belief. Your beliefs are always on display. If you don’t believe in yourself, others will sense that and they will not believe in you either.
  3. Be bold in your position: People respect those who take a position and who do not straddle the fence. When you know what you want, there’s no reason the waiver. Even if others don’t understand your position, that’s okay. It’s not always easy to stand firmly on your position, but it’s definitely worth it to do so.
  4. Put your disadvantages to work: The reasons why people say you will not succeed, will be the very reasons why you will. Inside every disadvantage there is always an advantage. Your job is to find the advantage in your situation and maximize it. Always ask yourself what is my advantage in this situation.
  5. Every day is show time: It’s all about performance. If you can’t perform, you can’t compete. Prepare to be at your best every day. Don’t get stuck on the successes or failures of yesterday. Remember, it’s all about today’s performance.
  6. Don’t be afraid to say “next”: Sometime things just don’t work out and that’s okay. You must know when to say “next”. Don’t spend too much time worrying about what you’ve lost. You could be using that time to create your next opportunity. Losses will happen. Just say “next” and keep it moving.
  7. Out smart and out work them: Intelligently out work them. Work ethic is very important. However, working hard on things that will not produce is just a waste of time.  Be very smart about where you focus your attention. Calling the one right person is much more productive than calling thirty wrong people. 
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Tomorrow Will Either Pay You Or It Will Discipline You

Image                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It just so happens that I have a home in South Carolina. Winters here are typically fairly mild and it doesn’t get extremely cold. However, this winter we are experiencing our second snow storm. It’s not often that we get snow in South Carolina. So, our cities are not equipped to handle these situations. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take much snow to shut the cities down. When snow storms hit, people are very excited. They have a chance to experience something they rarely see. The other reason for the excitement is most people will not have to go in to work. So, they take this opportunity to drink hot chocolate and watch movies. I know this may sound like innocent harmless fun; however, this mindset could prove costly tomorrow.

Time is a trusted ally and we must value him at all cost. It’s certainly okay to enjoy moments in life, but can you really afford to give away an entire day? Your buddy time is here for you. Your time is your gold and this gold will allow you to produce as much as you like. If you don’t take advantage of your gold and distribute it wisely today, tomorrow will discipline you. Tomorrow will punish you for the mismanagement of your gold. You will ask for mercy, but it will be too late. Your gold will have already forsaken you. You will ask for more, and tomorrow will reply, “You had plenty already.” You will be sorrowful and ashamed. You will ask why is tomorrow so hard on me? And tomorrow will respond, “Because you were too easy on yesterday.” Then you will remember all the times you took it easy and took your valuable gold for granted. You will realize that you had it all. All your desires and dreams were at hand. Now, tomorrow has no respect or sympathy for you. You will witness others and how their tomorrows are treating them kind and rewarding them greatly.  When others see you they will immediately know how foolish you were with you gold. “I just wanted to relax,” you’ll yell. “I only wanted to watch a little TV. Is that so wrong? I thought I could make up for it tomorrow, but now tomorrow is only bringing me pain. I’m not a bad person. I swear I never hurt anyone.” Then tomorrow will reply, “But now you’re hurting yourself. You were given the greatest gift of all, time, and you squandered it all.”

We must remember to get everything we possibly can out of our time. Our time is our greatness resource, weapon, and refuge. This is where our tomorrows are created. This is where our dreams and ambitions are formulated. Using our time correctly will make us powerful beyond most human understanding. It’s great to rest but rest briefly. Thanks for reading now get back to work.

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5 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Will Fail


We’re in the third week of 2014 and most of us have made New Year’s resolutions once again. Although we rarely accomplish these resolutions, we still make them. Why is it so difficult to keep these resolutions? Here are five reasons:

1. Lifestyle: Oftentimes we make resolutions, but we don’t change our actual lifestyle. In order to accomplish a goal, you must make substantial changes to your lifestyle. You may have to completely change your environment. You may have to eliminate some people, places and things from your life. If your lifestyle is the same in 2014 as it was in 2013, you will get the same results as you did in 2013.

2. Willpower: Exercising willpower too early can be very ineffective and usually adds to your frustration. If you’re at the beginning of your journey and there’s no end in sight, exercising willpower at that point can quickly send you back to your old ways. However, exercising willpower closer to the end of your goal is most effective because you can see the finish line.

 3. Loss of Excitement: When the excitement of the New Year wears off, so does your desire for change. You quickly fall back into the same routine and life becomes familiar once again.

4. No Plan: Without a plan, your resolution doesn’t stand a chance. Talking about all the wonderful changes you’re going to make sounds great. However, talking and planning are two totally different things. If you have a plan, you have a chance.

 5. Distractions: Far too often we become easily distracted by the circumstances around us.  Once you’re distracted, your chance of following through with your resolutions is slim to none. Don’t allow distractions to rob you of your resolutions.

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No Good Excuses


What’s a good enough excuse not to obtain the life you desire? I challenge you to think of one. I believe there’s never a good enough excuse not to have the life you truly want. It doesn’t matter if your excuse is money, time, freedom, resources, etc. You are supposed to conquer and claim your desires regardless of your current circumstances.

What I’ve learned over the years is that you always get to decide your outcome. To have a successful outcome, you must be willing to go beyond the norm. There’s always a way, and there’s always an answer. Your willingness to search, work, sacrifice, and be creative is a huge part of the answer. The answer always comes from you, and no one can block or stop you from creating it. You must be fully committed to your belief in yourself and know that you truly deserve to live your dreams.

Never allow the conventional way of doing things become your only option. One of the main reasons people don’t pursue their ideal life is because the conventional parameters suggest that it’s not possible. Your willingness to go around and over these parameters is essential to your success. Once you decide you want and deserve a certain thing, there’s no longer an excuse that’s worthy of stopping you from obtaining it. You were created to find a way. This means you were created to create. If you don’t have the answer, you are obligated to create it. If you chose not to find an answer, then it was your choice that ultimately stopped you, not your circumstance. Your power lies in your desire to search, discover, and present your answer to the world. It’s not easy and most of the time it will not come without scares. But, it’s always possible. You must continuously ask life for what you want. When doing so, ask convincingly and intelligently.

I believe that you have everything you need to get everything you want, but you must open up and search to discover these extremely valuable resources. The answer is much closer than you may think. How you think plays a very important part in whether or not you can obtain your desires. Focus only on the reasons why you can obtain your goals, not why you can’t. If you waste your time thinking about why you can’t have something, you’re only finding the answer on how not to receive it.  This is a special way of thinking that will allow you to consistently have a chance to reach your desired goals and ambitions. It is important to remember that no one decides your fate but you. Be free, creative, resourceful, and diligent in your pursuit to live the life you know you deserve.  


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Living a High Performance LifeStyle

Corey explains how to live a High Performance LifeStyle that will tremendously impact your life and business.

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